Tuesday, September 26, 2006

so the websites had a bit of a spruce up. don't think it needs much else at the moment. website for dummies had a load of stuff about adding sound and video and such, but i'll probably keep it simple. some have said it's a bad idea putting preview pages of the books on the site, but my thinking was along the lines of some bands who put a few songs up here and there. i'm never going to make much money from Rolling Stock Press, so to hold everything back till people have parted with a fiver seems a case of nose off to spite face. looking around other press' sites, not many people do this. this doesn't make much sense, as if your going to part with a fiver on some artist who you've probably never heard of, it's a leap of faith to do it on just a front cover. i know i'd have bought more small press stuff if preview pages had been availible.

still waiting to hear about my funding application for the next two Trains Are...Mint. For anything less than five grand, which mine was, takes about six weeks for an answer, and i applied five weeks ago. Trying to figure out what i'm going to do if it doesn't come through. I was thinking of messing around with pdf's, offering cheaper downloadable versions of them. But i've probably decided against them. something doesn't sit right about them. i've not written the idea off completly, but i'd rather people had a copy of the book to hold, made from a paper stock i've choosen. if the money doesn't happen i'll probably do a much smaller run. the first TAM was done in a run of five hundred, the idea being that i wouldn't run out of them any time soon. in retrospect i needn't have worried about that anyway, no bugger buying 'em n'all. so if a could blag a cash in hand shorter run of maybe two hundred, then TAM2 may still happen.

in the mean time i've started Trains Are...Boss. some sketches and such might appear here soon.

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